Working together and help you understand the options and processes when employing personnel in Belgium is our mission.

Implementing a Belgian payroll is not only necessary when having an office in Belgium. Even without an office on Belgian territory, the setup of a so-called shadow payroll to withhold Belgian social security contributions and/or declare monthly wage withholding tax is necessary.

Together, we look for the most strategic and pragmatic solution, whilst making sure your company adheres to all mandatory regulations. We help you drafting the right employment contract for your employees and see to it that all mandatory social documents are in place.

We act as your trusted counsel on which you can rely for legal advice on remuneration packages, work regulations, HR-policies and all personnel related matters.
Bringing you peace of mind is our goal.

Setting up a business in Belgium can be a challenge.

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  • Assuring compliance from different perspectives
  • Bringing you peace of mind is our goal
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are work regulations?
    These are mandatory by law and contain all salary and working conditions applicable within a company.
  • What is leave holiday pay?
    When an employment contract comes to an end, the remaining and built-up holiday entitlement is paid out to the employee.
  • What is double holiday pay?
    On top of paid holidays, white-collar employees are also entitled to a holiday pay of 92% of the gross monthly salary.
  • What are fringe benefits?
    Benefits subject to a specific tax and social security rule that might constitute a taxable benefit.


Assisting organizations to be compliant with home and host country legislation when moving staff around the globe.
Assuring a seamless immigration process for all parties involved. Giving personalized legal advice to actual implementation of the advice.
Monitoring social security coverage is important when moving. Similar and continued subjection according the applicable laws needs to be assured.
Setting up a Belgian payroll is challenging. We help you and take care of all mandatory affiliations to official bodies according Belgian labour law.
Belgian labour law sets-out many complex provisions to protect both employers and employees. We provide the necessary guidance to assure compliance with the applicable regulations.
International mobility implies change in tax position for expat and company. We assist in optimizing that tax position according local fiscal rules.

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Sandrine Le Clef, xpatriate