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Belgian immigration legislation was recently reformed to deliver a “single permit” that covers the right of employment and the right of stay with one single document. Unfortunately, the single permit does not imply a simple process. We can help you so you can focus on your core business!

Are you here to setup your business and in need of a professional card for self-employed persons allowing you to work in Belgium? We can help to setup your business and assist with your professional card application at the same time.

Immigration also means visa requirements. We provide assistance with visa applications, translation and legalization of documents to liaising with the competent authorities and diplomatic posts until delivery of the visa. We personalize every advice to guarantee a hassle-free immigration process.

After long term settlement in Belgium we also provide support with unlimited residence status and Belgian Citizenship applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a single permit?
    A single permit allows you to work and reside in Belgium as an employee.
  • What is a professional card?
    This card allows you to legally work in Belgium as a self-employed person.
  • What is the difference between a visa D and a visa C?
    A “D” visa is a long stay visa that allows you to register in the country for which it is delivered. A “C” visa is a short stay visa.
  • Can I work in Belgium on the basis of a business visa?
    No, it only allows you to attend business or client meetings, fairs and in some regions classroom trainings.
  • When can I apply for the Belgian Nationality?
    As soon as you are in possession of a residence card for unlimited stay and provided you meet all conditions.
  • Can I bring my family to Belgium?
    This is possible via the family reunification procedure. Depending on your particular situation the processing time varies.


Assisting organizations to be compliant with home and host country legislation when moving staff around the globe.
Assuring a seamless immigration process for all parties involved. Giving personalized legal advice to actual implementation of the advice.
Monitoring social security coverage is important when moving. Similar and continued subjection according the applicable laws needs to be assured.
Setting up a Belgian payroll is challenging. We help you and take care of all mandatory affiliations to official bodies according Belgian labour law.
Belgian labour law sets-out many complex provisions to protect both employers and employees. We provide the necessary guidance to assure compliance with the applicable regulations.
International mobility implies change in tax position for expat and company. We assist in optimizing that tax position according local fiscal rules.

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