Understanding what is needed to meet the rigorous requirements imposed by Federal and Regional law.

With over 13 years of expertise in this particular line of business and excellent relations with the competent authorities, Xpatriate is your single contact and partner for pragmatic & tailor-made legal support on economical migration, social security and tax related matters. We put energy into what we love and put our hearts and souls into each and every case we have.

Our satisfaction comes from putting in the effort and advocating for our clients. We feel blessed to be in a position to help you.

Our pragmatic and hands-on approach is designed to meet your objectives and enables you to keep your focus on the growth of your business. We help you grow.

Why work with xpatriate?

In today’s world of globalization and ever-changing tax, social security and immigration requirements, we engage to provide you insight and steer you in the right direction.


E-mail is one of the most popular communication methods, however, we find that this takes away the personal contact. We rather have a face-to-face meeting or a call for a more personalized experience. Only after we’ll confirm everything in writing .


We draft an action plan so you know when and how to take action. We are there every step of the way to guide you and answer any queries you may have.


By putting ourselves in the clients position we understand the need for hands-on legal advice that is well structured and easy to implement.


We simply do things differently and get it done.

Meet our team

Colleagues at the same firm for 6 years.
Our roads split and continued in a parallel sequence.
7 years later our paths cross again.

Sandrine Le Clef

Managing Director

Having been on international assignments myself and being in this business for over 13 years, I’m well aware of the need to have someone by your side to guide you every step of the way. Not only from a legal perspective but also in a practical and personal way.

My international and legal background, my passion for global mobility, my love for meeting new people and my ambition to help others have led me to launch Xpatriate.

Enjoy the journey!

Kirsten Krawinkel

Head Global Mobility

People know me as a determined, positive and hands-on person with a high personal integrity.

With over 13 years of work experience in Global Mobility, I gained a deep understanding of global mobility matters and love what I do.

Never in my life have I met anyone with such great passion for immigration & global mobility as Sandrine.

I’m proud of being part of Xpatriate.

We go the extra mile.

That’s what makes us different.

Sandrine Le Clef, xpatriate