Want to better track every move of your international workforce and make sure they are in line with applicable legislation?

We can help you achieve this goal!

We can offer your firm the support needed to keep track of your international workforce and assure that all required documents are in place and kept safe in view of a social inspection.

With up-to-date knowledge of Belgian laws and ongoing developments in the complex landscape of global mobility, we offer our clients strategic and pragmatic solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to working with you to deliver exceptional and affordable legal services within our field of expertise.

Moving to a new country and getting settled in can be a challenge.

Why work with xpatriate?

We go the extra mile and get things done in a professional and friendly manner.

  • Over 13 years of theoretical and practical experience
  • Tailor-made and step by step legal advice and assistance
  • Dedicated team with hands-on approach


Assisting organizations to be compliant with home and host country legislation when moving staff around the globe.
Assuring a seamless immigration process for all parties involved. Giving personalized legal advice to actual implementation of the advice.
Monitoring social security coverage is important when moving. Similar and continued subjection according the applicable laws needs to be assured.
Setting up a Belgian payroll is challenging. We help you and take care of all mandatory affiliations to official bodies according Belgian labour law.
Belgian labour law sets-out many complex provisions to protect both employers and employees. We provide the necessary guidance to assure compliance with the applicable regulations.
International mobility implies change in tax position for expat and company. We assist in optimizing that tax position according local fiscal rules.

We go the extra mile.

That’s what makes us different.

Sandrine Le Clef, xpatriate