Questions about Social Security

What is a Limosa declaration?

An (upfront) electronic declaration of a temporary or partial form of employment in Belgium.

What is Dimona declaration?

An (upfront) electronic declaration towards the National Social Security Office whereby employers notify the start or end of an employment on the Belgian territory.

What is an A1-form?

A document confirming where an employee is covered for social security matters. The A1-form is used for employment within the EU and EEA and Switzerland.

What is a Certificate of Coverage?

Same as the A1-form but this term is used for employment between countries who concluded a social security treaty.

What is the “Vlaamse Zorgverzekering”?

This Flemish care insurance contribution, is compulsory when living in the Flemish region. Please note that the contribution has to be paid even when you are not subject to Belgian social security.  Persons over the age of 26 years and having their residence address in the Flemish Region are obliged to contribute to the Flemish Care Insurance. An exemption is only applicable for individuals assigned to Belgium from EEA-member states and who contribute in that state. In case of no-payment an administrative fine of 250 EUR can be imposed.